Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Teach

If you haven't already heard me excitedly recommending a fantastic new Web Site called We Teach, then listen up!

We Teach is a parent/teacher resource geared toward helping our children become the best learners possible! The site, started by Amy, over at Teach Mama (another incredible resource for teaching your little ones to read, write, spell, you name it...) focuses on individualized groups that specifically meet the unique needs of visitors. Among the many, many groups, you'll find We Teach the Alphabet, We Teach Math, We teach Crafts, We Teach we're Going Green, and We Teach Parenting 101, just to name a few of course. I promise there is something for everyone, including all of you home schoolers out there!

With two little ones at home, I constantly feel a growing responsibility for the the progress and development of their learning abilities resting within my own hands. In the short amount of time We Teach has been available, I have had awesome luck discovering and becoming inspired by new learning based activities for my kids!

Visit we teach

So, if you haven't already checked it out, get yourself over there now! You won't regret taking a few moments to do so, I promise you'll be inspired to teach your child something today!

Cheers, Kate

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