Monday, October 18, 2010

The Search for Simplicity

Over the past few months or so I have tried to conjure up all of the strength and motivation that could be spared to dive into a search of figuring out how to live a simpler life.

I’ve talked to friends who appear content, and well adjusted to their chosen life. I’ve inquired about their routines and methods, trying desperately to figure out how they do it, how they live on a day to day basis, and if during it all, they’re able to still live simply.

I’ve researched, boy have I researched. I have read almost every book our library offers with the words “simplify,” “organize,” and “how to”, in the titles. I’ve followed blogs and read online articles about the same.

Despite all of the amazing inspiration and motivation I have acquired through this search, I still don’t have all of the answers. I still haven’t figured out the golden set of rules. But who has figured it out? Is that even possible?

What I have realized, however, is that the answer to that question is a resounding NO! What works for one person may not suit another, and despite my wanting a quick fix to all of the hassles and all of the (self created) chaos, I am learning that it will take time to get to my simple place in life- a place where I feel as though I am truly living deeply and authentically.

The best aspect of this journey is that over the last few weeks I have learned that I’m okay with that. I am learning to enjoy the process, and to really feel the changes as they occur. I’m learning to be completely present and mindful of my choices, and my actions. And it feels good. I am appreciating more. In the meanwhile, I am creating a better life for myself, one focused on finding true contentment and more meaning in life. A simpler, yet also more intimate life.

Today, it is this for which I am most thankful.