Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Blog...

I have missed you so. Really, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You have always been there for me, and look at what I have given in return: as soon as life gets to be a little chaotic, or I start to feel a creativity block, then I just turn my back on you. I'm truly sorry, can you accept my humble apology?

Life has been busy lately, but it has also been good.
Here is what you have missed from me in the last two months:

  • Halloween brought with it a visit from my mom and my sister, Krista. Jules dressed up as a princess (surprised?) and Nate was Ironman. It was an awesome Halloween.
  • Endless school activities, plays, events and performances with Nate and Jules
  • Thanksgiving spent visiting with family and friends in Buffalo and Rochester, NY... and might I also add that we drove the 16 hours each way- straight through, at night, with the kids and the DOGS! And while up there the area was pounded with two major snowstorms-it was a blast though!
  • I have started working on my long neglected novel- I know, you probably didn't even know I was writing one, did you?!
  • Nate had to have a tooth pulled after an-eh hum- accident with involving Juliana's foot and Nate's mouth- he also lost another tooth, bringing it up to 3 lost teeth in the last few months!
  • I've started running again- Yippie! For now, it is on the treadmill, but when the weather warms up my plan is to start hitting the road again.
  • Christmas this year was at our house- with 9 people! It was so much fun though-lots of prep work, cooking, giving and receiving, and lots of really enjoyable memories made.
  • Favorite Christmas gifts this year- Nate: a new skateboard; Juliana: a new bike; Family: the Wii game system.
I'm signing off for now, but I promise there won't be as much time in between visits again...

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Search for Simplicity

Over the past few months or so I have tried to conjure up all of the strength and motivation that could be spared to dive into a search of figuring out how to live a simpler life.

I’ve talked to friends who appear content, and well adjusted to their chosen life. I’ve inquired about their routines and methods, trying desperately to figure out how they do it, how they live on a day to day basis, and if during it all, they’re able to still live simply.

I’ve researched, boy have I researched. I have read almost every book our library offers with the words “simplify,” “organize,” and “how to”, in the titles. I’ve followed blogs and read online articles about the same.

Despite all of the amazing inspiration and motivation I have acquired through this search, I still don’t have all of the answers. I still haven’t figured out the golden set of rules. But who has figured it out? Is that even possible?

What I have realized, however, is that the answer to that question is a resounding NO! What works for one person may not suit another, and despite my wanting a quick fix to all of the hassles and all of the (self created) chaos, I am learning that it will take time to get to my simple place in life- a place where I feel as though I am truly living deeply and authentically.

The best aspect of this journey is that over the last few weeks I have learned that I’m okay with that. I am learning to enjoy the process, and to really feel the changes as they occur. I’m learning to be completely present and mindful of my choices, and my actions. And it feels good. I am appreciating more. In the meanwhile, I am creating a better life for myself, one focused on finding true contentment and more meaning in life. A simpler, yet also more intimate life.

Today, it is this for which I am most thankful.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bus Rider!!!!

Today Nate rode the bus home for the first time ever! After spending an average of 7 1/2 hours every week in the car driving him to and from school and sitting in that AWFUL carpool line, we finally decided it was time to make a change.

The leading factors:
  • Did you hear me say 7 and a 1/2 hours?! Just plain crazy.
  • all of that carbon monoxide going toward pollution- again, just plain crazy.
  • GAS for all of that driving- again, same craziness.
  • add to it another 2 hours a week taking Jules to and from preschool and of course the carpool line there...
  • He was talking NON-STOP about wanting to ride the bus like all of his friends.
  • Time- after Tuesday's post, I think it's pretty clear how much more I need of this valuable commodity!
  • Poor Jules was beginning to go nuts spending so much time in the car!
  • And, frankly, so was I!

A Day in the Life of A First-Time Bus Rider

Boy, do my kids and I sure know how to make a great impression with our neighbors...

During the first week after moving into our new home in SC, we officially met our next door neighbors AFTER they graciously helped the soaking wet, frantic versions of us locate the water main valve in our front yard. You see, I had accidentally dropped a painting on top of a water pipe causing it to break apart and send (what seemed like) millions of gallons of water per second gushing into the first floor of our house....They were so calm and helpful when they found Nate and Jules, and I at their front door that cold December day, barefoot and dripping wet with water...for an honest to God good laugh, read all about it HERE.

Now that we live in Birmingham and are still meeting new people, we had another great opportunity to get to know some more of our neighbors today while at the bus stop (Jules and I were there waiting for Nate, who was taking the bus home from school for the FIRST time ever!!!!). After making our way there, I parked Juliana's stroller on the side of the road, and she got out to play on some grass. All was going fantastic. I was even chatting it up with a really friendly neighborhood woman, and then Juliana decided to run off and head back home- a few houses away- for real...Off she went, just like THAT.

So I was forced to rudely interrupt this newly met neighbor of mine, and had to frantically chase after Juliana, calling her, threatening her like a crazy woman, camera hanging around my neck and all, "Jules, come back, right now, or you're going to be in big trouble!!!!"

Then, I heard it. The bus was coming, and I stopped in my tracks and turned around.


So, pause for a moment with me here. Do I keep heading home and make sure Juliana is okay? If I do, I'll miss getting a picture of Nate stepping off of the bus, and worse, I won't be there for him to run to and hug ( remember this is in my imagination- because in reality kindergarten boys do NOT run and hug their moms in public anymore).

Or...do I turn my back to Juliana (who has now slipped well beyond my vision) i order to make sure I am ready and waiting for Nate at the bus stop?

What would my new neighbor friends think? (Gasp! She let her 3-year-old run off out of her sight?! Or, What a shame, her poor sweet kindergartner has to get off of the bus for the FIRST time ever and not have mom waiting for him....)

Oh, the dilemma....

Thankfully, just in the nick of time, I saw Juliana emerge over the hill and I had just enough time to turn around and quickly aim my camera in the direction of the bus- just as Nate was stepping off.

And if you can believe it, he actually was so excited to have taken the bus home that he DID run straight in my direction, and gave me the biggest hug ever!


Well, it was for a minute anyway. I looked back in the direction of Juliana, who was in tears, unsuccessfully trying to get her tricycle over the neighbor's hill. Oh man...(can I not catch a break?!)

So I grabbed Nate's hand and headed in her direction only to turn around a second later after hearing a strange and rather unnerving sound- it was the sound of one of my neighbor's SUV's running over my stroller- the stroller I had carelessly parked in front of her car.

Wow. Things were getting bad. Really bad.

I turned around yet again, and headed in THAT direction, assuring her that there was no damage (even though one of the wheels was literally crushed). But I felt awful, it wasn't her fault, she couldn't even see the stroller sitting in front of her car.

So, Nate and Jules and I stood there for a moment, trying to catch our breath. And as soon as everyone else departed, off we headed home. Tails between our legs (well, mine anyway), with me pushing Juliana in a wobbly, broken stroller.

How poetic.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stop. Take Note. Make necessary Changes...Again.

Okay, I'll admit it, I am am still making mistakes in life, and thankfully, I am also still learning from them.

This past summer was a tough one for me. For the first time in my life I felt lost, out of character, unhappy, and mostly HOT. (Have I mentioned once or twice now how much I hate the ridiculous heat here in Birmingham?). Plus, there was that tremendous lack of structure in our lives, which was fun and all for like the first THREE days maybe. So, with the onset of the school year suddenly offering me the chance to jump back on the routine wagon, I quickly stood up again, dusted myself off and threw myself back into the world again-full speed ahead.

I signed up for this. I Joined that. I was practically the first to raise my hand at every volunteer opportunity.

“Sure, no problem!” I’d say. “I’d love to tackle that one!”

Kindergarten room mom? Bring it on!

Help out with a fundraising event for a local women’s shelter? Are you kidding me, how could I possibly say no?

Direct a holiday floral decorating event at church? Why not?!

Manage the class booth for the Fall Fun Festival at Nate’s school. You bet.

Write 25 articles a month to begin paying off my looming student loans. No choice, but I’m still excited about it!

Sign up to help out with almost every party at Juliana’s Preschool? Of course!!!! (I swear I was THIS close to volunteering to be the room mom for her class too…).

And this is my favorite- volunteer to be in charge of all the party foods for Nate's class- after I complained about the extent of sugary and processed "treats." Way to go, Kate.

And do all this while still trying to meal plan, grocery shop, cook dinner, make lunches, clean all 10,000 sq. ft of our house (okay, I’m really exaggerating), spend an hour and a half driving to and from schools and sitting in carpool lines (twice daily), feeding the dogs, doing laundry, folding and putting away laundry, ironing Pete’s clothes, working with each child educationally, taking Nate to baseball practice and games, paying bills, doing dishes, picking up backyard dog poop (YUCK), maintaining the yard, cleaning the clutter, giving baths, reading stories, visits to the doctor, etc… etc…

You get the picture. We all do it, right? We take on too much, and what kills me is that most often, we KNOW that we’re doing it, and we don’t stop. We’re MOMS, and it is just what we do.

BUT, I am beginning to see the negatives associated with this insanity.

I am:

  • becoming impatient
  • running on little sleep
  • gaining weight (trust me, its in all the wrong places)
  • missing out on more quality time with my kids
  • neglecting valuable relationships with friends and family
  • creating tension, and a "rush, rush" environment in my home
  • missing out on more enjoyable activities for myself
Just seven weeks after the chaos begun, I am stopping for a moment, taking note, and making necessary changes.
  • This morning I went for a run, and it felt awesome. I got some me time and I'm working on getting back in shape.
  • I'm going to ask for more help from others
  • I'm going to withhold from any further volunteering right now
  • I'm going to spend the day with Jules-(we're going to make an apple pie!)
I'm going to try my best to slow down, and figure out what is really important to me these days. I am just thankful that I begun to consider all of this, before it got TOO late!

What about you?

What activity or time consuming event this week could you just look at and say, no?!!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday,

Friday, September 24, 2010

What A Day...

Last nigh as Nate was playing with the round rope swing, throwing it up in the air, poor Juliana got in the way and came face to face, literally, with what they call the "cookie" swing. Within minutes a large goose bump swelled up on one of her cheekbones. This morning we headed to the pediatrician and then over to get X-rays to make sure there weren't any fractures. Thankfully, there were not, just a cheek full of damaged internal tissue. Poor thing will probably look like she's been punched now for the next two weeks!

She's feeling much better this afternoon, and it's a good thing, because we have some celebrating to do here!

Nate lost his first tooth while at school today! Sadly, however, he asked me if the tooth fairy could bring him a new toy gun.

Are you kidding me?!!!

"No," I responded. "The tooth fairy doesn't believe in guns!

And me? Well, my excitement for the day was having to chase down my runaway dogs for the umpteenth time. And go figure, of all of the days they run away, today they were not wearing their collars and tags...

...at least I finally got my hair cut!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Making Me Happy These Days

  • lunch with Nate at school
  • Clean hardwood floors in the kitchen
  • My new hair cut (I had 4 inches chopped off and am seriously feeling lighter!)
  • This Song, go ahead, I dare you, just click it and hit play, I swear you'll be dancing in no time!
  • Spontaneous chit Chats with longtime friends
  • Belle Chevre Goat Cheese, and it's made right here in AL!
  • Feeling like I am 25, when in fact I am really 32 (okay...36)
  • The IDEA that fall is lurking around the corner...please, oh please get here soon!
  • Seeing Nate actually write the word Monster-without my suggestion
  • Tuesdays with Juliana-just the two of us
  • American Pickers TV show
  • My spearmint C.O Bigelow lip gloss, oh yeah....
  • A reunion with my long lost novella, one of these days I'll get her published!
  • Morning tea with Agave nectar
That's good for now, right?

What's making YOU happy these days?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rocken and Rolling-Agliata Style

This is one of Pete and Nate's favorite weekend activities, grooving to some of their own tunes....
Love it!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Worth Noting- Juliana's First Week of Preschool

Another school year has begun, meaning more structure (THANK GOD) for all of us!

On her first day, Jules could barely keep herself from jumping out of the car and running into the school...quite a big difference from last year with all of her kicking and screaming as I tried my best to gently hand her over to the teachers...(I'm seriously wincing at the memory!).

She's growing up much too fast for my liking. Where do all of those little moments go, you know, the ones where you just stop what you're doing and look over at your children and try so hard to capture (in your fading mind's eye) the goofy face she's making, or the pure joy he's radiating as he just mastered writing his own name.
Each and every day I thank God for reminding me to stop here and there and take note of those moments.
This blog was created for that purpose-so that I could stop, take note and physically record our family's moments and experiences. I've let too many other things get in the way of keeping track, keeping current. Beginning today I am going to challenge myself to post here every day-at least from now until the end of the year. I'm curious to see how it will go for me-so many new responsibilities have left me feeling drained, unmotivated and facing a creative block (ahhhhh!).
But I know it needs to change, and I need to get back here. Even if I only post a picture or a quote, I'm committing myself to once again being present here daily...because this is the place for my good stuff...the stuff that is worth noting.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today's Memory

Last night at Nate's baseball practice, Juliana saw her little friend, Tristen, reach into her mom's purse and pull out a package of gum.

"What is that?" Jules asked her friend's mom.
"It's gum," she replied.

To which Juliana responded, "what's gum?"

...Have I sheltered her TOO much?!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Gang's All Here-Jule's Backyard Picnic

Since I've started having children, my mom periodically brings old boxes to us filled with clothes, toys or other items from my childhood. I love that my mom took the time to save a few of our things, and that she knows just the right time to pass them along to the kids. Recently, she gave Juliana the remnants of my sister's and my Fisher Price Little People (circa 1980!)! It was so cool to see them all again, and watching Juliana play with them has brought back a lot of memories for me.

What are some of your favorite childhood toy memories?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taking Note

Today's memory:

Jules to me: "Mom, let's make some LOVE YOU cookies for Nate today, so that when he gets home from school he'll know how much we missed him, and how much we LOVE him!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

What's New?

We're navigating through some new, uncharted waters around here lately...

1.) I've gone back to work! Well, kind of. I've begun doing some freelance work, (check out this, and this) and (thank God) I get to do it from the comfort of my own home! Yet, as wonderful as this seems, I am struggling with NO desk of my own/space, and of course, continual interruption from well, you know who...! I'll get the kinks worked out sooner or later.

2.) Jules is REALLY lost without Nate now that he has started kindergarten and is gone ALL day! She is soooo grumpy, and I am literally counting the days (12) until she begins preschool!

3.) I am getting organized...I know can you BELIEVE it?! It is a slow and steady process, but I am finally beginning to feel a (small) grip on things, and it feels good, really good!

That's all for now...Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


And so begins a whole new phase of life for Nate (and the rest of us as well)!

Nate did fantastic with his first two days of school last week! We were a bit anxious at first, as Nate had been feeling really nervous about starting Kindergarten all throughout the summer. However, after meeting his new teacher and seeing his classroom the day before school started, his fears began to melt away!
I dropped him off at the school's entrance, and watched as he walked along the sidewalk, another woman's arms wrapped around his shoulders, maneuvering him toward the door. It was hard for me to see someone else taking my place as a guide for him. Juliana and I felt a little lost for a bit, as if we were missing our best friend. But with the chance to have some wonderful quality time dedicated just for Jules, we soon began to enjoy the day!
Congrats to Nate, we're so proud of you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching Up!

The lazy days of summer are coming to a close around here as my sweet little guy starts kindergarten tomorrow! I can still hardly believe it, he has grown up so fast-too fast.
But we have had a great past few weeks with several trips to visit family and friends in FL, NC, and SC.

It was awesome to get away for a bit, and honestly, just what I needed to refresh my motivation and energy levels!

Here is a look into our last few weeks of summer...

Papa and Jules in Papa's pool

A visit with friends in SC (former Birmingham pals-we're so sad that they left us!)

Juliana and Nate's best friend Drew were hugging a little bit too much that evening!

Geese outside of Maggie's (my mom) house one morning- how awesome!

Playing the drums and bells at the Durham's Life and Science Museum in NC

The Butterfly exhibit in NC

Nate and one of many dinosaurs we came across at the Life and Science museum

Train ride with Auntie Krista and Maggie

Driving, Driving, Driving (and yes, that is a giant PEACH)

Juliana learning to (fly) jump

Chilling at Maggie's pool

Nate decided that he is officially now a lifeguard

Auntie Krista and Nate at the museum

Visiting with one of my dearest, and most fabulous friends, Robin (from my Kent State days!)
Did I mention that we also hit Disney World?! It was an amazing trip- I'll get pictures from that up soon!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Checking In/Checking Out

What a fantastic week in Florida! We arrived home yesterday, and already I am packing up the car again...the kids and I head out to NC tomorrow morning for some time with Maggie, (my mom) my sister, Krista, and a few very good friends. I am really looking forward to the time spent there, not necessarily the drive, however, in which I will be flying solo!

Any last minute advice, suggestions, etc...?

I'll post some FL/Disney pictures in the next few days...

Hope you're all enjoying summer!

Cheers, Kate

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Prettiest Dogs on the Block!

Although I hated to indulge her, I admit that I hesitantly stood by for a few moments while Juliana sucked poor Sophie and Kamilah (our dogs) into her world of dress up yesterday...

"But Mama," she said so sweetly, "they'll be the prettiest dogs on the block!"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Steps on the Road Toward Simplifying Life

After my last post about the possibility of transforming chaos into simplicity, I felt like I needed to take a break from blogging while I tried to gain some perspective on things. Also, My mom, who just returned from working overseas for the past two months, was here for 9 wonderful days, visiting and helping to make my life a little less stressful, and a whole lot more enjoyable!

I have been so touched by the amount of responses that I have received both here, via e-mail, and snail mail (thanks Gwen!). It has really been amazing to receive so much fantastic advice, encouragement, and support. Letting my heart hang out all over the page as I did was cathartic, and truthfully, a wonderful way to allow other's to see that they're not alone in these struggles. I can't tell you how many amazing, real, and honest mothers told me that they too, are lost in their own personal chaos, continually searching for real advice, manageable solutions, and of course, faithful support while enduring these every day struggles.

As my new friend, Kayla wrote, "every mother I know struggles in this way, but I flip through magazines and the articles are telling me how to lose weight, make better cupcakes, and keep my husband from wandering :) Please! Blogging about the real struggle is part of the revolution, and a way we can take back our narrative."
Kayla, you are so right on the money! It is sad that we hold ourselves up to this unattainable standard, well at least I know I do. And It's not that I feel like I need to lower my expectations, I am realizing that in order to succeed, I just need to change them.
So I will.
I recently discovered a fantastic web site, called Simplemom.net. The site focuses on creating productivity, and simplicity for moms, who are most often also home managers.
When I first glanced at the main content areas, I swear I nearly cried with relief! Finally, I had found a one stop resource offering wonderful, and might I also add, realistic, solutions for my growing list of dilemmas!
Topics found on Simple Mom include:
  • Green and Frugal
  • Your Haven
  • Organizing
  • Productivity
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Money management
  • Food and drink
  • Relationships

Additionally, while browsing the site, I stumbled across this amazing article, How to Live a Better Story, that spoke volumes about many of the core issues with which I have been struggling.

It's definitely worth taking a few moments to check out this site...it just might help simplify things for you as well.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Just checking in to let you know that I am actually doing well!

We've had company visiting for the last week and I've been enjoying some time being preoccupied with them!

I'll update soon. Hope your week has been great!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transforming Chaos into Simplicity, is it Possible?

For the last few months, I have been continuously riding tumultuous and unexpected waves of emotions filled with discontent, frustration, guilt, resentment, and hopelessness.

Although at one point, I actually thought that maybe I need to get some help, maybe I am really depressed, maybe I am actually losing it...maybe...

But then the pieces started falling into place, and I was bombarded with the realization that I am not depressed, (thankfully) but rather just stuck. I have been trapped in my own bottomless pit of self generated chaos.

I kid you not, it has been really scary, and in all honesty, really unpleasant.

For months now I have been feeling overwhelmed with:

  1. The Enormity of our House. The fact that our new home here in Birmingham is nearly THREE times the size of our first home, and that it has FIVE bathrooms should make it clear enough. Don't get me wrong, I am incredible grateful, but I am also often filled with a sense of hypocrisy in residing in such a gigantic home while simultaneously trying to live a "greener" lifestyle.

  2. The clutter. Two small children who desire to be into as many different projects (simutaneously, of course) as their mother also (usually unsuccessfully) attempts.

  3. The stress of continual cleaning. Two small children, two large dogs, an overworked husband, and just for kicks, I'll mention the five bathrooms again...need I say more?

  4. Not Making the Most of my Time. Confession: I've got Attention Deficit Disorder. There, you all know, now you can say to yourself, " wow, Kate, that really explains a LOT!" I know, I know, everyone seems to have ADD these days, but I really have it, bad. I was diagnosed with it eighteen years ago, before it became cool or a great excuse.

  5. Figuring out my Life Purpose. Thirty-six years old, Masters Degree in hand, wife, mother of two...crap...NOW what?

  6. Taking on too much Responsibility. It's classic ADD, really. I want to do it all, I swear, I'll try to do it all, I'll even promise you that I'll be able to do it all. But in the end I'll just disappoint you and myself, because the reality is that I actually have no idea how to do it all; I just know that I want to.

  7. The Guilt of not being the Best Mom I know I am capable of being. This is a hard one. I think every mom wishes she could be more, do more and give more to her children. Why can't I? Why is it that while I tried to clean the kitchen this morning, I overheard Juliana talking to a "pretend mom," and worse, the pretend mom gave her encouragement, "you can do it, I know you can!" Juliana voiced for her invisible helper. Why wasn't I in there giving her real encouragement? Why does she need a pretend mom?!!!! How can I be there for her, but also get the kitchen cleaned?

So, now that I have bared my soul to you, I am going to try and attempt some change here. That is a big word for me, you know, the ADD thing and all. Even though I want to, I don't change very well. I just get stuck. And then I'm miserable and overwhelmed, and still watching the clutter evolve around me, while I make dinner for the new parents down the street (whom I barely even know), and end my days going to bed filled with guilt over not teaching the kids something new that day, or folding the 5 loads of clean, and now wrinkled loads of laundry resting on the couch. If I don't change, I'll continue to feel immersed in that same old resentment, frustration, and, well, you know, you get the point.

My goal:

To begin writing about the individual challenges of me- a mom on a mission to create a simpler life for herself, despite certain fixed, and unchangeable factors.

What I need from you!:

  • For you to keep checking back here to see that I am (hopefully) making improvements! I need some accountability!!!

  • words of wisdom (really don't be shy, I'll take any advice I can get!)

  • encouragement

  • resources (ie: web sites, articles, journals, books, etc...that have inspired, motivated, and or moved you to make changes toward living a simpler, less chaotic life.

  • prayers...lots of them!!!!!

Thanks! Kate

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Slowing Down...

With the (horrid) Alabama HEAT in full swing around these parts, the kids and I have been mostly sticking to indoor activities lately.

We've enjoyed free movies at our local movie theater, awesome library events, and lots of fun play dates with great friends. But as the weeks pass by, I have begun to enjoy spending just as much time here at home with the kids. After all of the chaos of the last year including our recent move and my completing my Masters degree, I can't tell you how great it feels to just simply....






What we've been doing:

  • Nate has been spending loads of time working on all of the awesome building sets he received as birthday gifts (and might I add, he's been coming up with some really cool inventions!)

  • Jules is taking full advantage of all of her dress up clothes, playing restaurant, and teaching the alphabet to all of her dolls!

  • Together they have been enjoying their version of sledding with an IKEA tunnel

  • We have been making lots of crafts, painting, and trying to practice and enhance the kid's writing and reading skills

  • I have been organizing the playroom

  • Tending to the garden

  • Trying to catch up on all of those unfinished (or really, never even started!) house projects

(more painting, organizing, etc....)

  • Dedicating time toward figuring out REAL priorities, and creating a SIMPLER household, and if I can make it happen...a simlpler, more productive life as well! Simple Mom has become my new favorite place to gather inspiration and even more importantly, motivation on living simpler!!! Check it out!

Here's to taking a little time to just slow down and enjoy what life presents you!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Make A Difference- Vote to Help Millions More Know Weelicious!!!!

I have been a huge fan of Catherine McCord from Weelicious since, well, really since Nate began eating!!! When I was still in my "Yikes!!! I'm a new mom, and although I want to give my baby the most nutritious, healthiest, and yummiest foods possible, I have no idea where to start...!" phase, I couldn't be more thrilled to have stumbled across the Weelicious web site.

Catherine's no nonsense approach inspires people to feed not only their children healthy and delicious meals, but to feed the whole family this way as well.

Now, she is a possible candidate to host her own TV show on Oprah's Network, one that will feature Weelicious and aims to help families learn how to prepare and eat foods that are not just healthy and tasty, but just as important to most moms--fast to make!!!

If you have a minute, check out her awesome web site. You'll find recipes such as chicken pesto tenders or homemade baby food like apple fennel puree--foods that even the most challenged cook is capable of preparing.

I promise you'll find yourself truly inspired and looking forward to returning to Weelicious frequently in search of inspiring recipes, ideas to get your kids involved in cooking, and helpful techniques to spark their interest in trying new foods, as well as a host of other awesome information about keeping our families healthy.

If you are just as motivated by her as I am, please take a minute to watch her short video here, and VOTE for her!!!!

I have no doubt that she WILL make a big difference for American families!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Watch Our Garden Grow

How AWESOME it has been to watch our garden GROW this year!

In the past, we have had lots of SHADE and BUGS of all kinds in which to contend, leaving little fruit to bear...

But THIS year has been different, and I couldn't be more HAPPY about it!