Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Blog...

I have missed you so. Really, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You have always been there for me, and look at what I have given in return: as soon as life gets to be a little chaotic, or I start to feel a creativity block, then I just turn my back on you. I'm truly sorry, can you accept my humble apology?

Life has been busy lately, but it has also been good.
Here is what you have missed from me in the last two months:

  • Halloween brought with it a visit from my mom and my sister, Krista. Jules dressed up as a princess (surprised?) and Nate was Ironman. It was an awesome Halloween.
  • Endless school activities, plays, events and performances with Nate and Jules
  • Thanksgiving spent visiting with family and friends in Buffalo and Rochester, NY... and might I also add that we drove the 16 hours each way- straight through, at night, with the kids and the DOGS! And while up there the area was pounded with two major snowstorms-it was a blast though!
  • I have started working on my long neglected novel- I know, you probably didn't even know I was writing one, did you?!
  • Nate had to have a tooth pulled after an-eh hum- accident with involving Juliana's foot and Nate's mouth- he also lost another tooth, bringing it up to 3 lost teeth in the last few months!
  • I've started running again- Yippie! For now, it is on the treadmill, but when the weather warms up my plan is to start hitting the road again.
  • Christmas this year was at our house- with 9 people! It was so much fun though-lots of prep work, cooking, giving and receiving, and lots of really enjoyable memories made.
  • Favorite Christmas gifts this year- Nate: a new skateboard; Juliana: a new bike; Family: the Wii game system.
I'm signing off for now, but I promise there won't be as much time in between visits again...