Monday, December 10, 2012

Because I don't want to forget:

This one is awesome: Yesterday we overheard Nate telling Juliana that when you get to Heaven there is a portal back to Earth where you get to come back here and be a new, different baby again, which he said, means you get to live LOTS and lots of lives! Woah! I asked him where he heard that and he said, no where. I came up with it on my own. I wasn't really sure what to say or think, but I thought that was pretty awesome that he came up with it on his own.

Tonight, Jules and I had some one on one time when Nate and his dad were at Cub Scouts. While we ate dinner together she started to get really upset, and when I asked her why she was so sad, she answered, because I don't want you to die! Oh no. I've been dreading this talk.

I explained that hopefully, I still have many, many (many!) years to live, and that we should focus on spending lots of time together making happy memories.

Then I made the mistake of telling her that when she's a teenager, she'll probably want nothing to do with me! She promised to always want to spend time with me, (and I promised to hold her to it!). Then she she started talking about when she is older and has a job making cups and how she will still want me to make her dinner and do her laundry, etc....

WAIT a minute back up, I said! No, I was not upset about her wanting me to still cook her dinner and do her laundry when she's a grown woman (although I'll probably rethink that later on), but what is this about a job making cups?!!!

Well, mom, she said, you know, I want to be able to make you at least 100 mugs that say 'I love you' on them so you'll always know that I love you.

Well then world, welcome the next future cup maker, Juliana!!

Ahhhh, it feels good to be writing here again!