Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Updates

If you haven't guessed by my recent hiatus from the blog, school has been out for the last two weeks, and around here, summer is definitely in full swing. The majority of my time has been spent refereeing, cleaning up after, entertaining, teaching, crafting, rule enforcing, playing with my kiddos.

In all seriousness, it has been a bit of an adjustment, but I am thrilled to have my most favorite little people at home with me all day now. Secretly, I'll admit that I miss having a little "me" time in the mornings, and it has become even more of a challenge to do things I was able to accomplish during school hours (ie. WORK, running etc...).  But I am re-learning, shifting, and rearranging priorities....isn't that what life is generally always about anyhow?

These first two weeks of summer have been spent here at home, but next week, the little ones and I are off to Savannah, GA where we'll visit with my sister, her husband and my mom, who will also be visiting from NC. I'm really looking forward to the visit with family, and to escaping into the cool waters of Tybee Beach. I also can't wait to just hang out and watch the kids explode with excitement from all of the fun we have planned for them.

Tomorrow my little boy turns a year older, (six) and I am forced to reflect on how quickly this time with him continues to pass. I dread the day he is too big to snuggle the couch with me listening to his favorite stories, or too interested in "big" boy things to want to hang out with his old (and probably embarrassing!) mother. But for now, I am appreciative. For now I will continue to be thankful, and to embrace all of the little, yet absolutely amazing moments that I am fortunate enough to share with him.

And that is it for now.