Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taking Note

Today's memory:

Jules to me: "Mom, let's make some LOVE YOU cookies for Nate today, so that when he gets home from school he'll know how much we missed him, and how much we LOVE him!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

What's New?

We're navigating through some new, uncharted waters around here lately...

1.) I've gone back to work! Well, kind of. I've begun doing some freelance work, (check out this, and this) and (thank God) I get to do it from the comfort of my own home! Yet, as wonderful as this seems, I am struggling with NO desk of my own/space, and of course, continual interruption from well, you know who...! I'll get the kinks worked out sooner or later.

2.) Jules is REALLY lost without Nate now that he has started kindergarten and is gone ALL day! She is soooo grumpy, and I am literally counting the days (12) until she begins preschool!

3.) I am getting organized...I know can you BELIEVE it?! It is a slow and steady process, but I am finally beginning to feel a (small) grip on things, and it feels good, really good!

That's all for now...Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


And so begins a whole new phase of life for Nate (and the rest of us as well)!

Nate did fantastic with his first two days of school last week! We were a bit anxious at first, as Nate had been feeling really nervous about starting Kindergarten all throughout the summer. However, after meeting his new teacher and seeing his classroom the day before school started, his fears began to melt away!
I dropped him off at the school's entrance, and watched as he walked along the sidewalk, another woman's arms wrapped around his shoulders, maneuvering him toward the door. It was hard for me to see someone else taking my place as a guide for him. Juliana and I felt a little lost for a bit, as if we were missing our best friend. But with the chance to have some wonderful quality time dedicated just for Jules, we soon began to enjoy the day!
Congrats to Nate, we're so proud of you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching Up!

The lazy days of summer are coming to a close around here as my sweet little guy starts kindergarten tomorrow! I can still hardly believe it, he has grown up so fast-too fast.
But we have had a great past few weeks with several trips to visit family and friends in FL, NC, and SC.

It was awesome to get away for a bit, and honestly, just what I needed to refresh my motivation and energy levels!

Here is a look into our last few weeks of summer...

Papa and Jules in Papa's pool

A visit with friends in SC (former Birmingham pals-we're so sad that they left us!)

Juliana and Nate's best friend Drew were hugging a little bit too much that evening!

Geese outside of Maggie's (my mom) house one morning- how awesome!

Playing the drums and bells at the Durham's Life and Science Museum in NC

The Butterfly exhibit in NC

Nate and one of many dinosaurs we came across at the Life and Science museum

Train ride with Auntie Krista and Maggie

Driving, Driving, Driving (and yes, that is a giant PEACH)

Juliana learning to (fly) jump

Chilling at Maggie's pool

Nate decided that he is officially now a lifeguard

Auntie Krista and Nate at the museum

Visiting with one of my dearest, and most fabulous friends, Robin (from my Kent State days!)
Did I mention that we also hit Disney World?! It was an amazing trip- I'll get pictures from that up soon!