Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold Weather Fun: Hanging Ice Ornaments

This week, it seems pretty much the whole country is being affected by an arctic air blast...here in Birmingham, AL we woke up to a bitter 8 degrees outside. Extreme for some, I however grew up in New England, and even spent several years living in one of the great, lake effect snow areas of our country: Buffalo, NY. So, I typically don't mind the cold, except of course, when it means my kiddos can't get much outside play time.

When Juliana got home after school yesterday, my short list of non-TV activities ran out quickly (we're just coming off of a two week winter break, so I've used up a lot of my stash of creativity with the kids!). But then I thought of this cool idea to do something fun with the cold weather: Hanging Ice Ornaments!

They were super easy to make, and for Juliana it was extra fun because she could design them using (mostly) whatever supplies she wanted. I'll admit, I even got into it a bit too.

Here's what we used to make them:
  1. pie plates and Bundt pan
  2. water
  3. food coloring
  4. glitter
  5. beads
  6. cranberries
  7. string or ribbon for hanging
Simply pour water into your plates (or whatever other mold you wish to use) and have fun adding color and more to it!


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