Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day!!!!!

Originally I had planned to take the kids to a fun Earth Day celebration downtown today with Auntie Litter and all...but after the jam-packed (but still fun) week we have had, we decided to honor our Earth by staying home today, not driving anywhere, and spending some time in our backyard.

We also joined Grow Alabama, a CSA group (Community Supported Agriculture) that supports Alabama farmers through local weekly purchases of vegetable/fruit/meat/dairy boxes that are delivered to your home!
If you are local and want more information on the group, see the above link, and if you're out of state, please take a few minutes to see how you too, can support your local farmers!
Cheers, Kate


Rob said...

I spent my earth day digging a second garden in the back yard. One pulled groin muscle, two dislocated shoulders, one pulled thumb joint and one ready to seed 20 x 15 plot of land, priceless.

Kate do you remember Putting the Flowers to Bed in Denver in AmeriCorps. I believe it was our first Corps Wide Service Project.

kate said...

Rob- Oh My word! I hope you are just kidding about the injuries?! But that is fantastic about your building another garden. What are you guys planting this year? I do remember the Putting the Flowres to Bed project! That was a fun day, lots of sun, friends and dirt...what could be better?!