Thursday, August 12, 2010


And so begins a whole new phase of life for Nate (and the rest of us as well)!

Nate did fantastic with his first two days of school last week! We were a bit anxious at first, as Nate had been feeling really nervous about starting Kindergarten all throughout the summer. However, after meeting his new teacher and seeing his classroom the day before school started, his fears began to melt away!
I dropped him off at the school's entrance, and watched as he walked along the sidewalk, another woman's arms wrapped around his shoulders, maneuvering him toward the door. It was hard for me to see someone else taking my place as a guide for him. Juliana and I felt a little lost for a bit, as if we were missing our best friend. But with the chance to have some wonderful quality time dedicated just for Jules, we soon began to enjoy the day!
Congrats to Nate, we're so proud of you!

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Kayla said...

Kate: He looks ready for his is a bittersweet moment, when they start moving away from the cocoon of home. My 9 year old looked like a teenager today, I hope it was the light:)