Monday, July 21, 2008

Challenges Ahead Lead to Better Life

I woke up this morning, pulled the curtain back from the window, and peered up at the 3/4 full moon still hanging in the sky. To the left were the mountains of Asheville, NC....what a beautiful way to wake up to the world. Pete and I are still on our travels, we'll head home later this afternoon after a busy past few days of exploring, catching up with friends and some major considerations on our part. There could be some wonderful, exciting, yet also scary transitions ahead of us soon!

Asheville is vibrant and culturally alive like no other city I know. The downtown has a heartbeat all of it's own and screams passion, art, good health, beauty, architecture, strength and soul. The restaurants focus on using local foods and aim to provide the best in organics, nutrition and tastes. It is truly a beautiful city, in structure and in quality of life. The outskirts of Asheville...I'm not so sure about.

The kids are well, it's been really fun to see and talk with them via Skype on the Internet! With the help of a tiny web cam- we've been able to feel so close to them, even this far away! Krista has done an amazing job staying with them and holding down the fort! I think she has a good comprehension now however, of what it is like to be a stay at home mom (in the middle of all the endless pine trees!). She understands my frustrations!

We were thrilled to see Al Gore's recent clean energy challenge hit mainstream America this past week and hope that everyone has a chance to familiarize themselves with the goals he stresses and importance of his message. I'll talk more about this in the coming days but for now, if you haven't already seen this, please check it out

More later, Kate


Lizzie said...

we love Asheville! Joe is from Brevard, NC (about 30 miles east of there) Every time we visit his family I make a point of heading there. I LOVE the sames things you mentioned. We have often talked about that location as a possible move spot, except their power plant isn't nuclear. *bummer* What an amazing gift to have 4 days together! WOW! Joe and I had 2 nights alone without munchkins about 3 years ago... Can't quite remember what it's like, ha ha. How refreshed you must feel, ready to climb into the trenches of motherhood, surrounded by pine trees! :o) Have a great day, and thanks for the wonderful comment this morning.

Lizzie said...

Did you notice they have been airing commercials for "We can solve it" during the Olympics? I am sure that some much needed exposure will be a good thing