Friday, July 18, 2008

Peace and Quiet

Things have been a bit chaotic around here for us and I haven't had a whole lot of personal time, so I apologize once again, for my long absence. After about a year of constant lower back pain, I finally came to a point where I just couldn't live with not knowing why or what is going on! Yesterday I had an MRI done and will get the results sometime next week...

Crazy though, I always knew I was slightly claustrophobic, but only when I was slid all the way into that machine yesterday, did it really hit me just how much so. With only about 2 inches between my nose and the ceiling, I actually began panicking a tad bit! However, once I was able to see that my feet were out on the other end of the table and in broad day light, I felt better. The whole thing lasted about 35 minutes and strangely enough it was the most peaceful part of my day!

We are away for the weekend- away from the house, away from Dublin, away from the endless pine trees and the thought of having to cook, clean and spend another day not having anywhere to go! The only sad part, is that we are also away from the kids! Okay, maybe not soooo sad, a little bit sad, but mostly it's alright. I really needed a little time. Our saviour, Auntie Krista came in for four days to hold down the fort. Let's all take a moment of silence in appreciation of her and also to pray that the kids don't drive her away and that she remembers to close the toilet lid so Jules will stay out of the potty!

I'm off to attempt to work on my slightly abandoned thesis and enjoy some change of scenery!
I'll try and post again soon- I promise!!!!

Love Kate

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Lizzie said...

I hope everything works out with the test. And enjoy your "quiet time" as rare as it may be.