Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Going Cloth?

Today as I changed Juliana's diaper for the fourth time since she woke, and tossed it into my garbage can, I thought, why am I still doing this? Why am I still buying these incredibly toxic and un-recyclable plastic diapers? Every time I throw one away I am sick to my stomach with thoughts of it sitting there in the capped off and closed landfill for the next 2-300 hundred years. The organic and biodegradable diaper wipe trapped inside of the diaper and not aloud to biodegrade as it was made to do! So, here is what I decided: I am going to give cloth diapers a TRY. Years ago, when we first had Nate I seriously considered it, but then was told by someone who had tried it that it was so much work and you used a ton of hot water just having to clean the darn things. But now after doing some research and talking to some people who have had good luck with them, I think I am up for the challenge and the reward of doing it. Additionally, at 16 months, Juliana is a bit older and doesn't need her diaper changed every hour.

So, what are your experiences with cloth diapers? Have you used them? Do you know anyone else who has? What are their experiences?

I am getting so excited about this and am really kicking myself for not having the balls to try it sooner. Wish us luck...I'll keep you posted on what happens with them.

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Lizzie said...

good luck! i never had the gusto to try it. my mom swore by cloth diapers when i was a baby. She said the key was having a diaper service. They came picked up the dirty ones and gave her clean ones!! WOW!! I never could find one here so i didn't go that road.