Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Emotions and Gas Prices on the Rise!

Oh, how fast this summer is flying by us. My babies are growing up right before my eyes and tackling all kinds of new goals and adventures. They are like sponges, absorbing any and everything around them. Which is why I have become so much more aware of the incredible (large I mean, not always incredible) impact I have on them. When I am happy and loving life, they (usually) are too. When I am moody though, wow, is it catchy! Lately, it seems that they are both so much more sensitive to their surroundings and quick to alter their emotions in a heartbeat. One minute singing and laughing and the next, crying and screaming. And because of their constant closeness to me, these emotional waves are bellowing up against me every hour of every day, so that sometimes I'm not even sure why I am feeling a certain way, but just that it is probably the same way one, if not both of them are feeling! Have I lost you yet? Let's just say that I am not quite myself these days. Not leaving the neighborhood, but maybe once or twice a week these days is really, really, REALLY, starting to have a profound impact on me. I am becoming bitter about it all and can't wait for some changes to come really soon. I know, you say, why aren't you leaving the neighborhood? Well, for those of you who don't know, we live in the middle of well, a whole lot of pine tress and not a whole lot else. In order to go and do much, a whole lot of driving is required and, well as you know we are in the middle of an energy (gasoline) crisis! So, most days, Pete takes the Honda to work, because it is the better of the two evils in the garage! And we are back to square one- not leaving the yard or the neighborhood.

This brings me to my next Eco-friendly living discussion- cutting back on gasoline and vehicle use. So, because we chose to have two children and two Large dogs, whom we love to take on the road with us, we just couldn't purchase your run of the mill Volkswagen or four door vehicle. We decided that if we had to go SUV, then we would want the Honda Pilot- one of the best options in the three row SUV category for low fuel emissions and better gas mileage. So, we got it, love it and recommend it to everyone. However, it is still an SUV. So, because we live far, far away from most modern day conveniences, and fun things to do and see, I have taken to trying my best to conserve, conserve, conserve, and am doing so by limiting my driving time to and around town to just once or twice a week! Sure it is hard, but with some schedule adjusting and a bit of effort on mine and the kid's parts, we can make it happen pretty well. Now, if I had my choice, the better option would be to live somewhere where shops were only a few miles down the road, museums, libraries and zoos, weren't much further, and I could plan on walking Nate to school in another few years. But that isn't our current reality, so I deal....

What are you doing these days to conserve gasoline (oil) and fuel emissions? Have you made any driving changes?

On another note, I've posted a new set of photos on our web site- check them out when you have a minute. Hope you're all well!

Love, Kate


Lizzie said...

yup, right here with ya. seems you and i tend to be in the same boat quite often. i too have become a shut in due to gasoline. which is probably why i have had time to do my blog, ha ha. we limit our drives into town as much as possible and i group things together. groceries, play date, etc. all around the same time. one trip our, 50 things accomplished.

i love how you added picture links to info on your blog, very cool.

we had to do the car choosing awhile ago and i didn't want a minivan and i didn't want a gas hog SUV (even though they are WAY convenient) so we ended up getting a Subaru outback. 2 dog, 2 kids, joe and i... we all fit pretty nicely in there. hope you have a nice day at home! i'm here at mine wishing i could walk to the library, or walk anywhere for that matter!

one tip that i have is the kids and i do a lot of nature walks in our woods to see what we can find and get some fresh air. you can also do little scavenger hunts for them. i draw pictures of things (pinecones, leaves, etc.) and they love running around finding stuff. i always leave a handful of something sweet at their last spot so they feel like they found "treasure"

kate said...

Love, love, love the nature walk/treasure hunt idea!!!! I will have to implement that!!!

Thanks for helping know I ma not alone!!!!